DID, Toll Free numbers France

OPTIROAM provides Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access numbers (sometimes referred as virtual numbers) from France.

Inbound calls to geographic DID numbers of France may be forwarded by OPTIROAM to any devices through Voice over IP (VoIP) protocols: SIP, IAX, Skype anywhere in the world where internet exist, as well on your local telephone, mobile phone or travel sim card.

Some features of the France virtual numbers provided by OPTIROAM:

  • High quality voice service.
  • Each DID number France is billed on a fixed monthly fee basis, with no per-minute charges.
  • Free call forwarding incoming calls over internet to any VoIP device.
  • Free call forwarding incoming calls to travel sim card OPTIROAM.
  • Instant DID activation through online form.
  • Each DID is provided with 3 channels, allowing 3 inbound calls. Additional channels may be purchased if required.
  • The forwarding destination of DID may be changed by you at any time on OPTIROAM Web services.
  • Call waiting and caller ID are supported.
  • Hunt groups and ring groups are supported, allowing multiple destinations to be configured for a single DID.
  • Free customer care, 24 hours per day via support Web system or by phone.

Geographic numbers France:

  • Monthly fee - 4,15€
  • Additional incoming line, monthly fee - 4,15€

Toll free numbers:

Страна Город Код страны Код города Тип номера
FRANCE BORDEAUX 33 5 Geographic
FRANCE LILLE 33 3 Geographic
FRANCE LYON 33 4 Geographic
FRANCE MARSEILLE 33 4 Geographic
FRANCE NANCY 33 3 Geographic
FRANCE NANTES 33 2 Geographic
FRANCE NICE 33 4 Geographic
FRANCE PARIS 33 1 Geographic
FRANCE RENNES 33 2 Geographic
FRANCE TOULOUSE 33 5 Geographic


Legal Restriction(s) for DID number France:

  • For geographical numbers, the location of the end user (place of residence/business) corresponding to relevant geographic zone is required. The customer will submit to OPTIROAM the required address before activating the number and keep the information updated during use.

Service Restriction(s) for DID number France:

  • Reachability issues have been reported when dialing (0)811 and (0)9 numbers from outside France.
  • T38 is supported.

  • All DID numbers without the fee of setup
    All DID numbers without the fee of setup, only a monthly fee. "Monthly fee for number. " and "Additional incoming line, per month." - the fee is charged in full in moment confirmation services.
  • Price decrease on the DID numbers Ukraine
    Dear customers please be advised, that on DID numbers in Ukraine series +38044, setup fee is decreased to 8.00 EUR and monthly fee is decreased to 11.50 EUR.
  • Receiving a local SMS on the DID numbers OPTIROAM the Canada U.S.A. and UK.
    Service OPTIROAM for its existing and future customers, the owners of geographic DID numbers the Canada, USA and UK, that are purchased in OPTIROAM, expanded service to these DID numbers. Now, through these DID...
  • Support FAX T38 on DID numbers in Australia
    On the basis of official confirmation of DID providers, fax T38 protocol is support on the incoming call for DID numbers Australia, purchased after 24 June 2011.
  • New DID numbers in Chile
    On the basis of the official news DID provider of Chile, available a new national DID numbers of cities COPIAPO, CURICO, LINARES, LOS ANDES, LOS ANGELES, OSORNO, OVALLE, RANCAGUA, SAN ANTONIO, TALCA.

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