Good to know

Good to know


How to pay for the DID?

  • Any Top-Up method with commission - 0%
  • No expiration
  • Bank cards Visa and MasterCard
    • 3DES GP webpay
      • Bank credit / virtual cards
    • MoneyBookers
      • Bank Account
      • Bank credit / debit / virtual cards
  • Cash-in point e-port/OSMP
  • Cash-in Eleksnet
  • Cash-in QIWI
  • Through QIWI Mobile Wallet
  • Through mobile phone Beeline
  • Top-Up voucher OPTIROAM
  • Electronic money payments through Moneybookers
  • Electronic money payments through ASSIST
    • WebMoney
    • Yandex.Money
  • Electronic money payments through ROBOKASSA
    • Yandex.Money
    • WMR
    • WMZ
    • WME
    • WMU
    • WMB
    • RUR MoneyMail
    • RUR RBK Money
    • RUR W1 Wallet One
      • Сredit cards Visa and MasterCard
      • Through internet banking
        • VTB24
        • Alfa Bank
        • Raiffeisenbank
        • Rosbank
        • Promsvyazbank
        • Citibank
        • HandyBank
      • Through e-exchangers
        • ROBOXchange
      • Through Cash-in
        • QIWI
        • X-Plat
        • Unikassa
        • Unikassa (Irkutsk)
        • Multi-network
        • Quickpay
        • Mobile Element
        • NOVOPLAT
        • Multikassa
        • Electropay
        • Delta Key
        • RosExpress
        • Comepay
        • Molniya
        • Svobodnaya kassa
        • Legko I udobno
        • Eleksnet
        • e-port
        • ESGP
        • SprintNet
        • Mgnovenno
        • RPS
      • Cash transfer
        • Cash
        • Non-cash
      • Cash-in point
        • QIWI (ОСМП)
        • X-Plat Система
        • e-port
        • Svobodnaya kassa
        • Mobile Element
        • ForvardMobayl
      • Through QIWI Mobile Wallet
      • Money transfer
        • CONTACT
        • UNIStream
    • EasyPay
    • USD LiqPay
    • RUR WebCreds
    • RUR Bank.VKontakte
    • Cash-in
      • Eleksnet
      • Unikassa
      • Mobile Element
      • Legko I Udobno (Komi)
      • Comepay
    • With a mobile phone Beeline
    • Money transfer CONTACT
    • Personal account QIWI
    • Сredit cards Visa and MasterCard
    • Сredit cards Visa and MasterCard through
  • Post Office Czech Republic
  • Money transfer Western Union


How to Call Forwarding?

Call Forwarding – this redirection the incoming call with your roum numbers or virtual city number in OPTIROAM to any city phone or mobile phone in the world.

For you, call incoming, you only pay for call forwarding from the OPTIROAM at the same rate when calling from your computer, VoIP gateway or IP phone to any city phone or mobile phone with the savings on calls to 80%.

Service call forwarding OPTIROAM provides an opportunity to take redirected calls with mobile number to virtual numbers and redirect on numbers set in the rules call forwarding in account OPTIROAM. This service very helpful for those who wish that would have his mobile number was always available.

  • All DID numbers without the fee of setup
    All DID numbers without the fee of setup, only a monthly fee. "Monthly fee for number. " and "Additional incoming line, per month." - the fee is charged in full in moment confirmation services.
  • Price decrease on the DID numbers Ukraine
    Dear customers please be advised, that on DID numbers in Ukraine series +38044, setup fee is decreased to 8.00 EUR and monthly fee is decreased to 11.50 EUR.
  • Receiving a local SMS on the DID numbers OPTIROAM the Canada U.S.A. and UK.
    Service OPTIROAM for its existing and future customers, the owners of geographic DID numbers the Canada, USA and UK, that are purchased in OPTIROAM, expanded service to these DID numbers. Now, through these DID...
  • Support FAX T38 on DID numbers in Australia
    On the basis of official confirmation of DID providers, fax T38 protocol is support on the incoming call for DID numbers Australia, purchased after 24 June 2011.
  • New DID numbers in Chile
    On the basis of the official news DID provider of Chile, available a new national DID numbers of cities COPIAPO, CURICO, LINARES, LOS ANDES, LOS ANGELES, OSORNO, OVALLE, RANCAGUA, SAN ANTONIO, TALCA.

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